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LOZ bloopers

2008-11-29 04:36:52 by Tri-Flem

well now that mario gets pwned has been out there for a while i (switches to a diferent accent) 'ave daceeded 'un do'oan ee'no'ota bloop'a ra'el
(that says " i have decided on doing another blooper reel")
'un eet's gan'nu ba abot teh lege'end o zelda
(and its gonna be about the legend of zelda)
sa now eem gan'nu ba col'lact'un idears 'un was 'opin ye neh'groundee'uns wod lak ta 'elp ma
(so now im gonna be collecting ideas and was hopin you newground users would like to help me)
eef ya do sabmit ma an idear a 2 a'll ba giv'an out um creed'at ta ye jukers at te en o da mov'ai!
(if you do submit me an idea or 2 i'll give you credit to you jokers at the end of the movie!)
an fo dem idears i dunt use a'll give 'un eexta area fo doz 'oo deednt geet a show een te mat'ta
(and for the ideas i dont use i'll give an extra area for those who didnt get their idea shown)

so submit and dont ask or be an idiot about why i have that whole thing stupidly written but if u want to join in go ahead just dont be a jerk


expect it after march 2010


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2008-11-29 22:26:21

it's kinda hard for me to read Sorry.

But the Zelda thing I got! YAH!!
and sure I would like to join........ -T.T-

but to let you know ahead of time......
im not really familair with the Zelda games......uhhh The ones I only really know best are Zelda Twilght Princess *MIDNA!!*
and Zelda Orcarina of time...........and a little bit of Zelda Link to the past.....sorry I haven't played i in years like when i was only 6 years old LOL ^___^

Tri-Flem responds:

no problem most of my movie is surrounding ocarina of time and twilight princess lol :) and the last time i played OOT was well...... yeserday morning from about when the last time i played it b4 then was when i was 6 as well lol


2008-11-30 16:45:09

Oh yah sorry to bring this up so sudden buta....what language did you just typed above? -^__^-

Tri-Flem responds:

i think u mean whut accent
i was preety much using an irish/pirate accent up there so it wold actually pretty much in movies be the way dwarves talk or something


2008-12-02 13:19:18

a legend of zelda blooper reel? sounds interesting.

i cant take part though, but i can give a bit of history. having grown up with nintendo i've played every zelda game out there, both console and handheld (not including the nes remakes on the gba as i beat the originals)

best part is i own nearly all of those games (ones i'm missing is the four swords games for gba and gamecube (lost the gba, rented the other one).

oop, look at me ramble lol =P

long story short: i am very familiar with all the zelda console games, so i can help with some areas indirectly.

heck, i know the games your going to use so well i beat them 100% (didnt mean to brag btw).


2008-12-02 22:55:04

just a reminder to make the movie size a lot bigger than last time...and maybe some backgrounds will help too.

look at some mario blooper movies here on newgrounds and you'll know what i mean (i laughed my head off at them). i know,at the very least, it will give you an example of how big to make them.

also i'm afraid to report that there's at least one zelda blooper reel out there (that i've seen [on newgrounds]). try to find it and others so you dont reuse the jokes that were used on accident (cuz no1 likes repeats, especially me).

Tri-Flem responds:

yeah im making it free-hand on the computer....... expect it after january or something
dont worry these jokes r all gonna be original
i to have the very first zelda games all the way to the latest twilight princess all beaten i have gotten many ideas from this game and i have thought of a special blooper with the hookshot


2008-12-03 12:32:11

2 things...

1) a blooper with the hookshot!?! i can assure you that has not been done (to my knowledge)! i eagerly await that one!

2)random, on topic fact: the longer version from oot is called the LONGshot, and the one used in twilight princess is called the CLAWshot!

ooh! idea out of the blue!remember the compass room in the city in the sky dungeon?

it had the clawshot targets that fell into the pit. maybe...nah, i'll let you decide what to do with it^_^

i'll give a hint though (these are all what i would do if i was doing this btw): "link {was too slow, missed, went backwards, etc} and fell to his death.


2008-12-03 23:33:23

actually, now that i think about it...i could probably do that with a few sprites...

though idk where to get a background of that specific room. maybe i'll just make the sprite animation, and you can free hand the background...or i can use a different background for it.

that is IF i get the software before you release it. if i do get it, i MIGHT join up (again, i plan to use sprites if i do).

Tri-Flem responds:

ok quite a few things

yeah i remember city in the sky bad music, hated dungeon, but good boss idea
but something they should have added instead of killing the dragon........ link should have forced it to withdraw and make it become a flying steed..... that would be hundreds times better then just the small new using the sword on epona's back and jumping off while she was running..... they should have done that in OOT it would have hooked more ppl to play it

#2 ur bound to get the software at least a year b4 i get started on a 4th scene i really suck at freehand drawing on the computer so yeah
if i had a scanner however i would draw down every single frame flawlessly in less then a month thats why i would prefer using sprites then freehanding it on the computer

#3 im experimenting with filters inside movie clips inside more movie clips with motion and shape tweens so i screw around with something submit it to the portal and see how ppl like it so far its pretty cool


2008-12-04 02:26:52

yeah the city in the sky dungeon was really hard. its also a shame that they gave you so little use for the second clawshot after beating the temple.

heres 3 random facts about the game that you may or may not know.

1) there are 2 peices of heart in every dungeon except for hyrule castle.

2) you should be able to get them after getting the dungeon item (if not before) of the dungeon they're in (in the case of zants palace, the dugeon item is the master sword with the sol's power [aka the light sword])

btw i hate the fact that the light sword is only usable in zants palace. can you say "WORST UPGRADE EVER!". i mean it does nothing outside of that dungeon!

3) if you shoot a bomb arrow at a red plant enemy (aka boko-baba serpent) you will see its head and stem get blown away. all it does is flail around, but its still funny to see. plus its an instant kill (it dies when it comes to a stop) =D

oddly enough i have a scanner, but i stink at freehand drawing lol. that's why i going to do sprite movies.

also, the dragon ate the mirror shard (or so i'm assuming), so link had to kill it. plus, i dont think link could tame it anyway.

...and you lost me after your zelda rant lol.

Tri-Flem responds:


no actually if you used some sort of hack on the game like action replay u could slow the game down and u would see that the shard is a piece of the armor it wears

and about my zelda rant its about OOT and how they should have let link use the sword in the game.....

something that i forgot about twilight princess......... the snowboarding minigame....... on the first play when u didnt read the guide..... it was "fun" (link yells, "YEAH FALLING DOWN OFF THE CLIFF FOR THE 500TH TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!") lol


2008-12-04 12:49:11

yeah the snowboarding minigame was annoying.

but try rollgoal on the wii. now that was annoying!

i made up a trick to beat it though. it involves a flat surface and use of the camera angle feature of the minigame. its simple too, keep moving the ball left.

why does this work? when the camera changes position, the way the board tilts changes too. so for 1-1, adjusting the camera so the path is to the left and tilting the wiimote left will move the ball along the path!

and why the flat surface? to prevent the wiimote from tilting up and down. with my method all you need to do is to tilt it left or right!

rollgoal is way easier on the cube though. my least favorite is the canoe ride for the gamecube version of twilight princess (it was very hard to aim and see where i was going).

Tri-Flem responds:

ok uuuuuuuuuuuuuh i have no clue as to whut rollgoal is...... lol
but yeah i have TP for the wii and GC ......... i honestly think that for nintendo wii
when u swing the wiimote that links sword should follow the path of the wiimote it would be so much better then just having to see the same damn swing patterns over and over......... just gets boring


2008-12-04 21:26:18

i found the same attack pattern kinda boring too. aiming the ranged weapons was way easier though.

and rollgoal is the minigame you need to play to use the frog lure at the fishing hole. its found inside the boat rental shop (need to look at it in first person to play [costs 5 rupees]).

Tri-Flem responds:

oh yeah fishing........ i hated that music so annoying...... the only reason i went in there and did stuff in there was 2 get every heart piece in the game


2008-12-05 11:24:09

you found it annoying? odd, i found it kinda calming.

but yeah, rollgoal is in the boat rental shop.

also dont try rolling around inside the boat rental shop, or you'll get the owner ticked off at link and she'll kick him out (and link will have to apologize when he goes back in).

lol i just realized, we been going back and forth for 8 posts now =P

Tri-Flem responds:

i know thats really wierd

i have thought of another scene anyways that includes epona the ocarina and links head going flying


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