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LOZ bloopers

2008-11-29 04:36:52 by Tri-Flem

well now that mario gets pwned has been out there for a while i (switches to a diferent accent) 'ave daceeded 'un do'oan ee'no'ota bloop'a ra'el
(that says " i have decided on doing another blooper reel")
'un eet's gan'nu ba abot teh lege'end o zelda
(and its gonna be about the legend of zelda)
sa now eem gan'nu ba col'lact'un idears 'un was 'opin ye neh'groundee'uns wod lak ta 'elp ma
(so now im gonna be collecting ideas and was hopin you newground users would like to help me)
eef ya do sabmit ma an idear a 2 a'll ba giv'an out um creed'at ta ye jukers at te en o da mov'ai!
(if you do submit me an idea or 2 i'll give you credit to you jokers at the end of the movie!)
an fo dem idears i dunt use a'll give 'un eexta area fo doz 'oo deednt geet a show een te mat'ta
(and for the ideas i dont use i'll give an extra area for those who didnt get their idea shown)

so submit and dont ask or be an idiot about why i have that whole thing stupidly written but if u want to join in go ahead just dont be a jerk


expect it after march 2010